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ORIGIN employs a wide range of engineers to provide for all your engineering needs, whether it be structural, mechanical, or electrical. Our engineers work closely with our partners on providing solutions. Our wide range of expertise, extensive software suite, and practice of working closely with our machinists and fabricators ensures that you receive the most practical, and effective solution every time.

Structural Engineering

Origin Structural Engineers are adept at the application of code and years of design experience to provide you with the most efficient and effective structural solutions available.

  • PE Stamping (All states)​
  • Structural Engineering Consulting​
  • Finite Element Analysis Simulation​
  • Fatigue & Physical Testing​
  • Load Testing​
  • Independent Engineering​
  • Construction engineering​
  • Field inspection​

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Mechanical Engineering

Origin mechanical engineers work closely with you and our team of fabricators to create efficient, effective, and buildable designs that meet all your needs for motion, flow, containment, and any other mechanical or mechatronic need.

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic design
  • Robotic equipment design 
  • Mechatronic design for automation and lifting equipment ROV’s
  • Process control
  • Value engineering
  • Large mechatronic lifting equipment ROV’s
  • Tooling and process assistance and design
  • Custom tooling solutions
  • Finite Element Design

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Load Testing & Simulation

Load testing and understanding the behavior of structural lift systems is very important to the ORIGIN team. Our in-house load testing verification and the ability to calibrate our calculations before and after load tests make our approach accurate and validated.

  • Calibrated Load Testing Per ASME
  • Structural inspection on lifting equipment
  • Lifting equipment design
  • Below the hook design
  • Load certification and documentation
  • Finite Element Simulation calibration to loads

Field & Inspection Services

Our Engineers are available for the in-depth site review and document inspection, ensuring that construction and installation go as smoothly and correctly as possible.

  • Geotechnical inspection
  • Foundation reinforcement inspection
  • ACI concrete inspection
  • Structural inspection
  • Construction management support
  • Owners engineering support

Foundation reinforcement inspection ACI concrete inspection



We serve a range of industries from Oil and Gas to Telecommunications, Technology, Renewables, and Packaging. We optimize our clients’ supply chain by offering design, engineering, and manufacturing at one facility. Our clients’ ideas materialize into products and solutions that result in profits and innovations.

Food Processing

Food Processing

  • Food-Safe Vessels and Equipment
  • Flow and Pressure Analysis
  • Food-Safe Motion Control and Sensor Mounting



  • Building Foundation Design and Frames
  • Stairway and Walkway Design
  • PE Certification in all States



  • Site and Foundation Inspections and Review
  • Foundation Design and Specification
  • Over a decade of Wind Industry Experience



  • Large Mechatronic Lifting Equipment
  • Remote-control Motorized Transport Equipment
  • Tooling and Process Assistance and Design



  • Mounting Hardware Design and Analysis
  • Structural Analysis, FEA, and Review
  • Pole and Cabinet Hardware and Architectural Design

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