The Team

The Team

Matthew Chase CEO owner of Origin


Matthew J. Chase

Matthew is a Senior Structural Engineer (P.E.) licensed in multiple states and registered with NCEES. He is responsible for driving ORIGIN Engineering’s business and supports the team in Finite Element Structural Analysis and advanced concrete and steel design for structures and foundations. He is experienced in CAD automation tools.

Before starting ORIGIN in 2013, he worked for Wind Tower Technologies, Vestas Technology R&D, Renewable Energy Systems, and Shear Engineering. Matthew has extensive design experience with steel, concrete, post-tensioning, and aluminum materials. He has worked in structural engineering for the past 15 years.

His education and training include Six Sigma, various finite element analysis tools as well as ASCE Design of Foundations for Dynamic Loads. Matthew has a Bachelor of Science degree in Structural Engineering (BS) from The University of Wyoming.

John R. Clay Co owner of Origin and Origin Automation and Controls

Co-Owner, CEO, ORIGIN Automation & Controls

John R. Clay

John is an Electrical & Control Systems Engineer with an extensive background in various industries. He co-founded ORIGIN Automation & Controls and serves as the Chief Executive Officer. John manages and provides technical leadership to ORIGIN Automation & Controls, and supports project management and project execution for ORIGIN Engineering. His expertise includes electrical system and sensor design, industrial process design, control system, and panel design, PLC, DCS, and HMI programming.

Before ORIGIN, John started his career at The US Army Corp of Engineers Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). After ERDC, John spent time at Tesseract Sensors/XRI Blue, then lead the Gulf Coast R&D Process Control Team for The Dow Chemical Company. Most recently, he lead the Noble Midstream’s Texas Automation group before starting ORIGIN Automation & Controls. John earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Wyoming.

Austing Bending COO of Origin


Austin E. Bending

Austin is a Certified Welder in the following processes—GMAW, SMAW, GTAW. Certifications include Stainless, Aluminum, and Steel. Codebooks include d1.1,d1.2 and d1.6.

Austin previously owned AB Fabrication which merged with ORIGIN in 2018. Austin has years of experience working as a fabricator and is skilled in many aspects of welding, plate processing, CNC operating and material science in welding. Austin has built projects for Nuclear, Renewables, Coal-Fired Power Plants, Oil & Gas, and manufacturing.

Austin has been a production lead during his career and is a leader of the ORIGIN Fabrication team. Austin is the COO of ORIGIN and supports the fabrication operations of the group.

Alonzo Mejia Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development, ORIGIN

Alonzo Mejia

Alonzo is the Director of Business Development for ORIGIN. Alonzo has an extensive background in delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains in numerous markets.

Previously Alonzo was a Senior Account Executive for a top 30 3PL, where he managed over 100 accounts of both private and fortune 500 companies. Alonzo is key driver for sales strategy, developing strategic marketing material, and continuous process improvement by implementing new strategies and technologies.

When not at work Alonzo enjoys spending time with his wife and two girls, coaching little league sports, and woodworking.

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